The promotional logistic

To manage the storage, packaging and dispatching of communication tools : these are the missions of the promotional logistic of our firm. This is how Ma-Logistique, in reducing yours costs, takes charge of the carrying out of your project from A to Z.

The choice of your suppliers is essential to make a good and interesting marketing plan. Indeed, your suppliers give a corporate image and make you save money and time.

Concerning the subcontracting, Ma-Logistique can carry out many types of operations :

Our Services

The range of our services:

Your Order in 6 stages

Listening and organisation

We analyse your order, whether it is a matter of promotional packaging ( filling package ) or a matter a logistics operation package (storage and picking of samples).


The minute it arrives, we will check out the state and the quantity of the merchandise. If a problem should occur such as uncorresponding quantity, a broken, distorted promotional object, print or kit, we will call you immediately to avoid a waste of time. We will send you a mail to acknowledge receipt of the goods.


If your products do not arrive at the same time as the packaging and the kits, we will offer you the storage in our warehouse. We deal with the unpackaging of products and the assembly of packaging and kits until they are available.

Promotional packaging

In order to reduce to shorten the deadline of your order, our production staff develops a packaging chain. It consists in placing working people through the different workshops in the space which is allocate to you in our warehouse.


After packaging, you have to package your product following an ecological way. First, we package the product, then we group your merchandise by lots to make the transport easier and protect the products better. Please note that the product with a bad package is synonymous with consequences on the sales promotion, with Ma Logistique, the package is trust proof.

Distribution and managing of the backer

Everywhere in the world, wherever you are, we deliver your advert object, thanks to our qualified transporters. You need to know that your customer base updating is a good point to save money and time. We can actualize your base with the help of a detailed report if it is necessary.

Packaging and packing


Like the wedding dress, the covering of your product is a weapon of seduction. Originality enables your product to make the difference. Even if the covering is not the product, it increases your chance of convincing customers to buy it. That is why nowadays, packaging has an important role in the definition of your marketing mix.


Your packing has a crucial place in the achievement of your products. In fact, packing is the protection of your products, it enables to group the goods in order to ensure ideal loading conditions. Ma-Logistique chooses a packing in accordance with an ecological approach. Moreover, a good packing is a guarantee because a badly packed product can have an impact as for promotions of sales.

Laboratories and luxury

Companies in the sector of luxury and pharmaceutical industries have convey an image of high market value. The aim of this advertising campaign is to draw a quality image to the consumers. However, the production managers have to use noble materials. That is why the providers who are in charge of the handling of this kind of projects have to be listening to you in order to understand your operation well. This personalized service is particularly targeted at the companies of the following sectors:

Ma-Logistique suggests to these laboratories :