The company

Our jobs

- The Marketing logistic

This is the fulfilment of your operationnal marketing project. This stage consist of making up and packing the kit so that it will have the appearence you are waiting for. In fact, the visual aspect of your product represents you, that is why Ma-Logistique provides the best of its abilities.

- The Internet business logistic

This is the preparation of orders and the management of the website’s flow . This logistic enables the storage and the control of the Customer’s orders. It requires resourcefulness and quality in order to be efficient and useful.

Our story

The company was created by Karine Picard and Emmanuel Viandier in 2008. Since 2009, has decided to diversify its offer towards the Internet business evolution of logistic, which has a wide place in the trade nowadays. That’s why today, our company suggests a new flexible method according to the customers. Those methods include storage until the sending of parcel, preparation and packaging of orders. In front of evolution of offers in 2010,’s managers want to improve the company’s services through the promotional logistic. At the beginning, we dealt with sending of flyers : now, we deal with the packaging of thousands products and advertising per year. Moreover, our price list and listening perspective has enabled important groups to entrust us their operation of retail marketing, being punctual or permanent.

Our localisation is based in Soissons (Picardie) in the North of France. Our company is 62 Miles from Belgium and Luxembourg, in the center of motorway network. There are also many important ports ad Rotterdam, Anvers and Le Havre. Our activity is lying on the 22 French regions but also in Anglo-Saxon’s countries: Canada, U.S.A and Great Britain. This is a strategic place, which enables the connexion between the Paris area and the North of France but also of Europe.

Germany – Lithuania – Austria – Belgium – Luxembourg – Bulgaria – Malta – Cyprus – Netherlands – Denmark – Poland – Spain – Portugal – Estonia – Czech Republic – Finland – Romania – Great-Britain – Greece – Slovakia – Ireland – Sweden – Italia.

Our assets

Our logistic services are planned in consultation with our different partners. Our commercial staff take time to listen to you in order to obtain rigorous application of your specification. Moreover, in order to reduce the deadlines of services and cost, Ma-Logistique put a privileged and trained speaker available to you who can give you some advice if you need any. To lead your project as well as possible, our technical staff sets up all the valuation and know-how it has. We suggest you a follow-up. In addition, Ma-Logistique can take care of your specific and complex projects by a limited deadline (for example: packaging and sending abroad with grants which are complex and different according to the geographical places and point of sales).

Services of Ma-Logistique includes:

Outsource is optimized

Ma-Logistique analyses your needs and establishes with you the logistic specification and the technical management.

I multiply my turnover.

Outsourcing your products or the packaging of caskets, you focus on your main activity. You win productivity.

I divide my logistic problems.

The quality of efforts we supply in the preparation of your project enables you to work with complete peace of mind.

I add my profits.

The gained time enables you to negotiate new contracts, study or develop new projects. So you can already think of your future profits.

I subtract my expenses

Rent, staff costs, overtime, insurance… With Ma-Logistique, these costs are reduced at the minimum.