Our partners

A trustfull relationship

Ma-Logistique is improving its relation with its customers each day, in order to adapt to the needs of each customer and each product during all the process of the promotional logistics operation. Your project is essential to Ma-Logistique. Indeed, our firm is always trying to find the best solution concerning the packaging and the distribution of your product. The word “Problem” does not exist.

Trust is an essential ingredient for a good collaboration, which enables us to see your logistics project clearly and precisely. Our missions : to listen to you, to diagnose your problem and to suggest you solutions that we can use with a quick and efficient way.

In order to study at best the stages of the process, your project is analyzed with rigour and submitted to tests (we will let you know about our analysis). Moreover our commercial will send you a model parcel that your addressee will receive. Our marketing men’s main mission: a regular contact for a trustful relationship.